Homemade Apps

This is a page for my homemade apps. Be sure to check them out!

Open Source Apps:

Hourglass – A simple timer application with notifications.wp-1488687654645.png


Critical Velocity – A fun side scrolling arcade style game.criticalvelocity

KPPD Control – A simple application to control the kppd daemon.





Ril-daemon Control – An application to stop or start the ril-daemon.ss1


Just Notes – A very simple, no frills note taking app.delete


Ships, Captain, and Crew – A fun dice game for up to four players.device-2017-03-08-124806


Just Craigslist – A simple application to search and browse Craigslist.help




Also, if you are interested in the source code for many of the small apps that I make here on the website, I usually put the code here: https://github.com/alaskalinuxuser/apps_small . I tend to use this repository for any app that is insignificantly small, or for demonstration or educational purposes here. These apps are also not apps that I have released on the Play Store or F-Droid.

Typically these apps are ones that I made for my developer course, or to practice something before making an actual app that I released. Some of those apps are built on Android Studio, and some are built from my cell phone using AIDE, or the Android IDE. You are welcome to use any of that material that you like. Be careful with media such as pictures or sound files. I try to use “free to use for any purpose” media, but for these small test apps, I may have overlooked something and added some media that is not free to use commercially.

Linux – keep it simple.