Building a photon cannon tower….

Well, at least building one graphically! I was working with the Quiet Learner on his new tile tower defense game. He’s only in a pre-alpha stage right now, so there isn’t anything playable as of yet. If you are interested, you can check out his work here:

He is doing all of the coding for his game, and my participation is rather small. He was looking for a little bit of artwork for the towers and enemies, so I took some time to draw some old school pixel artwork in Gimp.


Thinking that it may be useful for others as well, I’ve put together a repository with my small collection. It is licensed under the CC0, so it is readily available for any other games, icons, or uses, too. Be sure to check it out, and if you end up using it yourself, be sure to drop a comment here so I can check out your great game!

Linux – keep it simple.


Free Pirate Pixel Art

In my continued efforts to learn app design and code, I have been making some new artwork to be used (Lord willing) in an Android game. This artwork is completely my own creation (for better or worse) and is built using Pixel Art Builder, a free app on the Google Play Store. You are welcome to use or abuse the art in my repository:

Linux – keep it simple.

Free icons: six sided dice!

I needed some dice for games that I am making. It was difficult to find free to use for anything dice icons online, so I ended up creating my own. I used Gimp to make the set. Nothing fancy, but may be useful for you. I just used a gradient fill and then put black dots on the squares for each side of the die.

I applied the Apache-2.0 license to these, so feel free to use or abuse them to the maximum extent possible!

Linux – keep it simple.

Art from “TheQuietLearner”

Often I choose custom backgrounds for my ROMs that are specifically themed to that ROM, such as choosing a PacMan image to go with a PAC rom, or the logo of the ROM somehow embossed or colorized to match the custom ROM.

On occasion, however, I strike out in a completely new direction and pic a seemingly random piece of artwork. Usually this happens when I find a picture or drawing that jumps out at me. One such drawing is this mandelbox artwork from “TheQuietLearner”:

Upload: Fractal Images –

I have used his artwork before in my custom ROMs, such as Slim 5.1.1 and PAC ROM 6.0.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you want to check out more of his artwork, you can find it here, as well as read up on mandelbox, mandelbulb, fractal images, and more. If you like getting new, somewhat abstract, or mathematical artwork, then I highly recommend that you follow his site:

Linux – keep it simple.

The Every Day Screenshot

A good friend of mine has a blog that focuses on his EDC, or every day carry. It is actually quite interesting because of my friend’s unusual assortment of items to which he carries every day. As a general contractor and laborer, as well as an avid outdoors-man, his pocket carry varies widely from day to day. Knives, rope, tools, flashlights, you name it, it gets pretty interesting.

You would be amazed at how little my every day carry would change. It really hasn’t changed in 6 years. So I thought, as a bit of a spoof I would do the EDS, or every day screenshot. So I took a screenshot of what I was doing today, but don’t worry, I don’t think this changes enough to be a regular post!


I used scrot – a linux command line screenshot tool, to take a picture of all four desktops at *nearly* the same time. I think that they are a few seconds apart, as you can see the cpu load has changed between shots. However, all of these screens are active and this was all happening at the same time! Ocaisionally this causes my old laptop to overheat and power down. It can no longer determine the CPU temperature, nor the status of the AC or battery. I don’t think it was designed for such heavy loads! Might be time for a more powerful computer…. Or perhaps I should try using it a little more responsibly!

Linux – keep it simple.