Fixing An Old Microphone


When I bought the TS-820S, one of the extra things that he gave me was this microphone. It doesn’t have any label on it and any decals or writing have long since worn off. However, with a little web searching, it looks a lot like a Shure 522, but maybe a knock off, or a different Shure model number, since the microphone cover is different.


Either way, I had the simple task of replacing the plug, and doing some general cleaning. Looks like the previous owner was a heavy smoker.


In any event, replacing the plug went fairly quickly and a quick radio check showed it keyed well. The only problem was that I didn’t find anyone to talk to on the 10 meter band, so I don’t know how well it sounds. But, it looks like it is functional from an electrical standpoint. I’ll try using it on the next net meeting and see what feedback I can get from the others on the net.

Linux – keep it simple.

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