Homemade Bluetooth Auto-start Still Trucking!


Well, after a year of service, thousands of miles, and a full fall, winter, spring, and summer, my home made Bluetooth auto-start is still trucking! It’s been really convenient as the weather once again turns cold to pull out my phone, press start, and hear my truck fire up!

There was, however, one blip along the way. several months ago, one of the relays inside the control unit failed. It was simple enough to replace, and within a few minutes, the whole ordeal was over. I don’t think that was a design flaw (not that my design is perfect), but rather a part issue with using cheap relays. The relay that I replaced has worked flawlessly since, and none of the other relays failed, either, leading me to believe it was just a defect in that particular relay.


Linux – keep it simple.

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