error: use of undeclared identifier ‘fs_mgr_is_wrapped_key_supported’

Another strange set of errors while compiling AOKP. It seems like they are in the middle of merging some Lineage commits, but didn’t finish them. Either way, I ran into this problem with Ext3Crypt:

compile error: use of undeclared identifier ‘fs_mgr_is_wrapped_key_supported’

So, I took a look at line 204 from, and this is what I saw:

bool is_wrapped_key_supported() {
return fs_mgr_is_wrapped_key_supported(
fs_mgr_get_entry_for_mount_point(fstab_default, DATA_MNT_POINT));

This didn’t make sense to me, since the call is for a bool, the answer must be true or false, zero or one. Instead it is trying to grab some information and determine if it is true or false based on that. I spent hours trying to crack down on it, but I couldn’t find how this all washed out. In the end, I made this edit to get through this error:

bool is_wrapped_key_supported() {
//return fs_mgr_is_wrapped_key_supported(
// fs_mgr_get_entry_for_mount_point(fstab_default, DATA_MNT_POINT)); //WJH
return false; //WJH

Essentially, I returned false. I debated about what to return, but I don’t want it to use it, since I can’t correctly fix it, so I decided false was my best bet. Sure enough, that worked.

Linux – keep it simple.

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