use BUILD_PREBUILT instead!

OmniRoms Nougat. An elusive dream of mine is building OmniRoms for my devices. In the past I just couldn’t seem to get them to work. Well, I have decided to give it another go, and here was one of my first errors:

build/core/Makefile:34: *** Prebuilt apk found in PRODUCT_COPY_FILES: vendor/lge/g4-common/proprietary/priv-app/qcrilmsgtunnel/qcrilmsgtunnel.apk:system/priv-app/qcrilmsgtunnel/qcrilmsgtunnel.apk, use BUILD_PREBUILT instead!.

So, I took a look at

vendor/lge/g4-common/proprietary/lib/ \
vendor/lge/g4-common/proprietary/lib/ \
vendor/lge/g4-common/proprietary/priv-app/qcrilmsgtunnel/qcrilmsgtunnel.apk:system/priv-app/qcrilmsgtunnel/qcrilmsgtunnel.apk \
vendor/lge/g4-common/proprietary/vendor/firmware/ \

Here we can see that the file in question “qcrilmsgtunnel.apk” is being copied over with the vendor blobs. The error is telling us that we need to install it as a prebuilt app, instead of copying the app over as a normal file. So, I edited out that line in the file, and edited by adding it like so:

qcrilmsgtunnel \
qcnvitems \

Notice that I did not move the apk file around, just redefined how to get it moved into the rom. Well, that took care of that error! 1 down, untold dozens to go!

Linux – keep it simple.


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