LG G4 on SlimRoms: delete the pin key in TWRP!

In my last post, I told the epic adventure of figuring out how to get into recovery mode so I could fix my unbooting phone. I had performed a backup of SlimRoms before trying to flash OmniRom, and since I was back into TWRP, I restored my backup. Figuring all was well, I rebooted.

Everything booted up great. However, once into the rom, it asked for my screen lock pin, as usual. But unlike the normal response, it kept saying that I was entering the wrong pin. I tried my pin, my old pin, and no pin. No luck. It wasn’t working.

There are a lot of articles on this, and this will not be much new, however, the names of my lock files were different than the article I read, so I am posting the names of the files here in case I forget when this happens to me again. (Most of this blog is simply my own scratchpad of notes to help me remember something….)

So, power off the phone, and jump back into TWRP (see the previous post if you need help with that). In TWRP, go to Advanced – > File Manager.

Scroll down to the /data folder. Open the /system folder and look at the contents.

On my phone I had to delete these files to disable the lock:






After deleting these five files in the TWRP file manager, I then rebooted the phone. Sure enough, now I had no lock screen settings nor pin in the ROM. Back in action! I, of course, immediately set up a new lock screen and pin for security purposes. Hopefully that helps you too!

Linux – keep it simple.


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