Free Pirate Pixel Art

In my continued efforts to learn app design and code, I have been making some new artwork to be used (Lord willing) in an Android game. This artwork is completely my own creation (for better or worse) and is built using Pixel Art Builder, a free app on the Google Play Store. You are welcome to use or abuse the art in my repository:

Linux – keep it simple.

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3 thoughts on “Free Pirate Pixel Art

  1. Pretty cool. I especially like the map with the blue grid markings.

    If you truly wish others to use your work, I strongly recommend you attach a copyleft license to them, and put a notification of the same as a file in the repository. I would recommend the CC-BY 4.0 as it ensures derivative works also remain copyleft. But the CC0 Public Domain dedication is also available if you wish to divest yourself of all control and rights to the work


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