Note Edge Screen Protector

When it comes to screen protectors, I prefer glass. Recently, I decided that it was high time that I purchased one for my Galaxy note edge. Here’s what I bought (this is not one of those add kickback deals, just a link to what I bought):

Note Edge Screen Protector,ChYu@Full Coverage Premium Tempered Glass Film Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N9150

It works really well and looks great! But what I thought I would share was that it was a little harder to put on properly than other glass screen protectors that I have used in the past. Particularly the curved part for the “edge”. I kept getting it on there in such a fashion that the edge was not perfectly aligned, causing a small gap at the edge, which resulted in a ” clicking ” sound when I would press on it, as the glass would flex back to make good contact with the edge.

So, I’d you buy one, take my advice: start your application at the edge, and roll it onto the flat party of the device. That way your edge is aligned for the curved part of the screen and glass protector. Once I realized this, it went on in second and fit like a glove.

Here is a picture with it on my note edge, with a fresh install of RR nougat.

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