​A timer app…

Well, my first open source app just hit the play store:

As well as F-droid:

Hourglass (Set variable timers with audible alarm and vibration) –https://f-droid.org/app/com.alaskalinuxuser.hourglass
Here’s the description:
Hourglass – a timer application.
A simple application that can be used to start a

timer from one second to one hour. The app can then

be closed or left open, while a status bar notification

reminds you that you have a timer in progress.
Upon reaching 00:00, an audible bell as well as a

short vibration and visual pop-up will indicate that your

timer has ended.
Great for reminding yourself to do something, or for

use while playing games that require timers! And,


You can go to my github for the source, and I’ll be breaking some of the highlights down in another post.
Linux – keep it simple.

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