​Change the color please!

I often use a different texting app then the one which comes with my custom ROMs that I build. Often, the built in texting application is very bland. However, lately I have been trying to actually use more of the built in programs that come with the ROMs source, to see how well they function on their own, right out of the box.
One of those apps is the messaging app. For as simple as it is, it works surprisingly well. Everything about it just “works”. No bells, no whistles, just real functionality. The only problem with it is the Android green color scheme.


So, I changed it:

All I had to do was open the colors.xml file is the res/values folder, and change the hex coded colors from green to something else. I chose orange, and I call this rendition of orange and white my sherbet theme. After that, I recompiled the app, and, to God be the glory, it changed the colors!


Pretty easy, huh? I wonder what other colors I can make it?

Here’s the link if you want to try out the sherbet version: https://www.mediafire.com/download/76w2oy761242y2o

Linux – keep it simple.


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